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Videopro is now a preferred supplier under the new Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) QEDSOA-71789 B for the provision of Interactive Solutions for Category One. The Interactive Solutions SOA will provide Queensland schools, DoE corporate and other Eligible Customers with access to cost effective and high quality suppliers of Interactive Solutions and Innovative Technologies.

Eligible Customers

The following entities are eligible to use this SOA:

  • Queensland State schools;
  • Queensland on-State schools;
  • Queensland School Parent and Citizens Associations (both State and non-State sector);
  • All government departments, local governments, government owned corporations and statutory bodies.
Product & Services

The products and services we can supply under the Interactive SOA include:

  • Interactive panels and screens including those with cameras, touch screens, email capability etc.
  • Projectors and Collaboration Devices
  • Wireless keyboards and mice
  • Installation Services
CommBox, BenQ, Smart, Epson, Crestron, Barco, Logitech, Gilkon

To learn more about the QEDSOA 71789-B or to discuss an education solution for your space, please contact our team of experts.

Meet the Videopro Education Team
Jeff Archer

Jeff Archer

Jeff began his Videopro journey in 2009 as a Product Specialist. Over the course of his time with the company he has served in various managerial roles including in the Education Team and his current position overseeing the Online and SMB (Product Sales) teams. Day-to-day Jeff is tasked not only with driving sales numbers, but also creating a successful and supportive work environment for his team members. Jeff has a strong focus on efficiency and is dedicated to making the purchasing process enjoyable and easy for each customer.

Mark Chaplin

Mark Chaplin

Mark joined Videopro over 17 years ago as a Manager in the Retail Team. He has spent the last 7 years working as an Account Executive in the Education Team dealing exclusively in the K-12 sector. Mark has an impeccable attention to detail along with excellent open communication and customer service skills which allow him to be responsive and attentive to all clients’ needs. His time in both the Retail and Business Solutions Team has seen him develop an excellent knowledge of educational AV requirements and products.

Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne

Pat has been a valued member of the Videopro group since September 2008. Throughout his tenure, he has added value to our K-12 and Tertiary Education Teams as an Education Consultant, Training Manager and now as a Manager of Strategic Partnerships. Prior to working with Videopro, Patrick came from a primary education background and has teaching experience in Australia, the UK and Vietnam. Through this teaching experience Pat developed a passion for education technologies and their practical applications in learning environments.

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart

Steve joined Videopro in 2012 as a Sales Consultant in our retail stores before transitioning into his current role as Account Manager. Steve works closely with a wide variety of education clients to provide product solutions. In addition to the education sector, Steve services a diverse range of clients in Government, Tertiary, Corporate, B2B and B2C sectors giving him a broad knowledge base of AV products and solutions.