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Cine Cameras

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Digital Cine & Cinema Cameras

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While you can shoot high-resolution video with almost any smartphone these days, if you’re looking for more professional results, you really need a cinema camera. A cinema (or cine) camera is designed to give filmmakers complete control over image quality, with multiple stops of dynamic range, support for a variety of fps settings in multiple codecs, and excellent low-light performance. Here at Videopro, we have a collection of high-quality cinema cameras, with models suitable for enthusiastic amateurs as well as experienced professionals.

Buy a Quality Cine Camera at an Affordable Price

Thanks to our unique business model, we are able to offer you official imports with manufacturers’ warranties at highly competitive prices. If you’ve wanted to buy a quality cinema camera for some time but have been put off by the high cost, check out our collection right now! You’ll find models from the best names in the industry at the lowest prices in the country. We stock Canon, Panasonic, Blackmagic and Sony cine cameras, all of which can be ordered online today and sent by an insured courier service to your address in Australia. For more information or personal assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is a cinema or cine camera?

Different people have different ideas of what constitutes a cinema camera. However, most professionals agree that a fine level of control as far as focus, depth, colour, exposure and recording formats are required before a camera can truly be considered to be designed specifically for cinematic projects.

Which camera is best for shooting movies?

The best make or model for movie shooting will depend on your level of experience, the type of projects you are planning and the budget you are working with. All of the cameras in our collection are very capable, but some have more professional-level features than others.

How do I choose a cinema or cine camera?

We suggest focusing on sensor size, recording formats, resolution and overall performance when choosing a new cine camera for home use. If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.