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Video Conference Cameras

Conference Cameras & PTZ

Online conferencing has become the norm as more organisations provide flexible working arrangements to their employees. To ensure meetings are captured in high quality, video conferencing equipment has become a popular digital accessory. 

Video conferencing cameras are used to enable high-quality, real-time video communication between individuals or groups who are located in different locations. These cameras are designed to capture high-resolution video and audio transmitted over the internet or other networks to be viewed on other devices, such as computers, smartphones or video conferencing systems.

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At Videopro, we like to stay on top of the latest product developments in the audio and visual industry to diversify our range. We’ve been a trusted source for audio and visual equipment for over 20 years, supporting professionals and audio enthusiasts. For more information about our range of conference cameras, contact us today.


What is a video conferencing camera?

A video conferencing camera is a device used to capture video footage of individuals or groups of people during a video conference. These cameras are designed for video conferencing applications and are optimised for capturing high-quality video that can be transmitted over the internet. 

Video conferencing cameras come in various shapes and sizes, from small, portable webcams to larger, more sophisticated cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom to capture different angles and perspectives.

What should I look for when buying a video conferencing camera?

When buying a video conferencing camera, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you get the best camera for your needs, such as video and audio quality. Look for a camera with a built-in microphone or one that supports external microphones and offers a high-resolution sensor that can capture at least 1080p.

What is the difference between a webcam and a conference camera?

While webcams and conference cameras are designed to capture video footage, they have slight differences. The biggest difference is the field of view. Conference cameras typically have a wider field of view than webcams, making them ideal for capturing larger groups of people.

Audio and image quality is another key difference. Video conferencing cameras often have built-in microphones, auto-focus and high-quality sensors to provide sharp images and clear audio, unlike webcams which may not have features built to this standard. Conference cameras often have zoom capabilities, allowing users to zoom in and out to focus on individual speakers or details in the room. Webcams typically do not have this feature.