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A QLED TV offers fantastic performance at a great price point, which has helped to make this type of television a very popular choice in Australia and around the world. We have a wide selection of QLED televisions from Samsung (who pioneered the technology) and TCL, all of which we can deliver to your home. If you are looking for a 4K Smart TV with QLED technology at a competitive price, we invite you to browse our collection now. You can also find many other types of televisions and panel accessories on our website.


Why choose a QLED TV?

QLED screens are not only engineered to deliver excellent image quality, but they are also sturdy and durable. Thanks to the ability of the quantum dots in QLED screens to resist moisture, a new QLED TV should perform well for many years. This moisture resistance also means that QLED screens do not need expensive vacuum evaporation technology, lowering production costs significantly. In short, if you are looking for a television that offers the best ratio of price to performance for every dollar you spend, you need to check out our range of QLED screens right now!

Whether you’re looking for a 32-inch QLED TV, a 75-inch QLED TV or something even larger, you’ll find what you need at Videopro.

How do I choose which QLED TV to buy?

Choosing a QLED television is much the same as selecting any other type of TV. We suggest considering the room you plan to put it in, the amount of space you have available in that room and how much you are happy to spend. Once you’ve noted these factors, you can focus on the models in our range that meet your particular requirements.

What is the difference between QLED and UHD TV?

QLED and UHD are not mutually exclusive. UHD refers to a specific screen resolution rather than a type of technology — UHD and 4K are used interchangeably in the world of digital television, but as far as digital cinema is concerned, 4K offers a slightly higher resolution.