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Home Theatre Speakers

Bring the cinema experience to your home with our range of home theatre packages! At Videopro, we have a wide selection of the latest and greatest audio and visual gear to enhance your movie nights and music sessions. From high-quality projectors to immersive sound systems, we can supply the home theatre equipment you need to create an unforgettable movie-watching experience.

As Australia's premier stockist, we offer an unrivalled selection of home theatre speaker packages from the top manufacturers, including Sonos, Klipsch and Bowers & Wilkins. Browse our online store and find the perfect home theatre packages to bring your favourite films and shows to life with crisp audio and stunning visuals.

Build a completely new home entertainment system with Videopro

Build your dream home entertainment system from the ground up with our comprehensive selection of high-quality equipment. At our store, you'll find everything you need to bring your vision to life, from home theatre speakers and high-quality audio amplifiers to TV furniture. Create a complete, fully integrated experience. With quick and reliable shipping, you can be watching your favourite movies and shows in no time. Order now and start building the home theatre of your dreams.


What do I need for a home theatre system?

If you are building a brand new system, you will need a screen and projector or widescreen TV, a home theatre speaker package, a decent amplifier, a Blu-Ray player or media streaming device and a stand on which to put everything.

How many speakers do I need for a home theatre?

It’s really up to you. Some people are happy with a single soundbar and subwoofer, while others want a multiple speaker system that includes floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, in ceiling speakers and a centre speaker. If you are looking for a system that offers a true surround sound experience, you will need a minimum of 3 speakers, preferably more.

How do I choose the right speakers for my home theatre?

When choosing new home theatre speakers, you should focus on the size of the room in which you wish to install them as well as your budget and the type of films you like to watch. In general, stick with the best brand names if you want the best possible experience.