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Wireless Speakers and Multi-Room Audio

Enjoy room-filling sound in every inch of your home with amazing quality multi-room systems and smart speakers. Audio systems are constantly evolving, with wireless speakers and Wi-Fi speakers becoming integrated appliances in the connected smart home ecosystem. The latest speakers now feature built-in AI technology, or operate as part of a smart home system designed to simplify your experience.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth chips are integrated into almost every modern mobile device or computer. They don’t need to be connected to a network, are extremely easy to use and connect within seconds. Portable wireless speakers give you the freedom to listen to audio wherever you want without being constrained by power cords and cables. Wirelessly connect your smart devices to a Bluetooth speaker to create the perfect entertaining atmosphere for parties, picnics and everything in between.

Some speakers even have protective features for extreme outdoors conditions and activities. Choosing the optimum speaker depends on the purpose and the quality of sound you require. In general, larger speakers emit a higher volume.

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Smart Speakers

In addition to the benefits of a Bluetooth speaker, a Smart speaker has a built-in, cloud-based voice assistant. When connected to Wi-Fi, voice-activated speakers can help make your day run more efficiently and effortlessly. Link them up with other compatible speakers for multi-room sound. It’s important to consider which speakers are placed in what rooms. Some Smart speakers offer 360-degree audio projection and are ideal for room-filling sound.

If you already have other smart home components, it’s advisable to choose a voice assistant of the same brand, to ensure everything works smoothly together. Whether you want to control your entire household or just control your music playlists, let us help you find the right fit.

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Multi-Room Wi-Fi Speaker System

Starting or upgrading your audio system? Adding multiple wireless speakers has never been easier. Strategically position them around your house to create a whole-home entertainment system. There are two main ways multi-room systems work; by creating their own mesh network or by using your existing Wi-Fi network. They can be connected and controlled through your TV and soundbar or smart device through an app, sometimes with voice control capabilities. Multi-room ranges now include wireless speakers, smart speakers, soundbars, AV receivers, stereo amps and network streamers.

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In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers

In-ceiling and in-wall speakers provide high-quality sound without cluttering up your home. We have clutter-free surround sound packages that are suitable solutions for all home theatre and lounge room sizes. Whilst ceiling speakers are best for multi-room systems, there are many other things to consider when opting for in-built speakers. They are a great minimalist look without compromising on performance. Come and talk to one of our friendly professionals and find a solution that works perfectly and seamlessly for you.

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Wi-Fi Connectivity

Connecting your devices over your Wi-Fi will give you a higher resolution audio transmission than Bluetooth and will also remove the disruption of mobile notifications over your audio. Although the sound quality from a speaker connected by Wi-Fi is more superior than a Bluetooth connection, it does mean you’re tied to a local area network and therefore your speakers are a more permanent solution.

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Airplay is Apple’s platform for sharing videos, photos, music and files from your Apple device over Wi-Fi, to compatible devices. Major speaker and TV manufacturers are incorporating Airplay directly into their products, making it extremely simple to push or mirror your content from your iOS device to your favourite speakers or smart TV.

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