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Sunshine Coast Council – City Hall | Audio Visual Case Study

The new Sunshine Coast Council City Hall building spans across ten floors and houses over 800 staff, including the mayor. Videopro completed the AV installation in over 100 spaces from the lobby up to level seven.

Videopro were initially engaged in November 2021 to go through the tender documentation. A high-level design was put forward by the client and it was then Videopro’s responsibility to flesh out that overview into the systems seen in the building today.

The installation took about six months to complete. During this period, Videopro were able to work closely with McNab and various other trades. This gave the advantage of raising the computer flooring and running in new cable as needed throughout the duration of the project.

The lobby at City Hall features an impressive interactive NEC video wall, spanning 12 meters in width. The video wall can be used by the Council to display custom content and provides a huge wow-factor when entering the building. Videopro worked with PQ Labs to build a touch interface so the public can interact with the content displayed on the video wall.

The Council Chambers is the most complicated space in the building. A large, curved NEC video wall is featured at the front of the room. Sozo Design worked with Videopro to build a custom subframe to accommodate the unique dome shape of the room itself.

On either side of the room there are two screens on motorised mounts, enabling these displays to be tucked away when the room is not in use. Three more displays are mounted on the front of the desks to ensure those facing the back of the room can still see the content being displayed on a large screen.

The Chambers features a unique product specifically designed for this type of application. Televic tabletop units enable audio and video conferencing within the space. Each Council member has their own 10” tiltable touch screen interface and microphone, enabling the user to have simple control of this complex space.

The other core technology used in the Council Chambers is the Extron Nav system for video over IP. The Chambers features this heavily as there are a large number of video signals that need to move around within the space and to the different display options.

The City Hall project consists predominantly of back of house meeting areas. Video conferencing is a huge requirement to facilitate Sunshine Coast Council’s hybrid working model.

There are over 100 meeting room spaces, so the client was looking for a simple, consistent solution throughout the building. All the meeting rooms are designed to be the same experience whether a dual or single screen room, huddle space or large combinable room.

The meeting room wireless presentation system is standardised with Extron ShareLink Pro. The product is very easy for users to understand and work with and is a straightforward product to manage on a large network.

Logitech products have been used to enable video conferencing natively within the spaces, rather than the clients having to use their own laptops. Room control is then managed by Extron products. Extron and Logitech have great interoperability features, meaning you can control not only the room, but also the VC call with only a single touch panel within each space. undefined

Due to the size and scale of the project, Videopro have a full-time technician on-site at City Hall. Their responsibility is to make sure that the users know how to operate the system and address any issues that may come up on a day-to-day basis. They will also undertake the ongoing services needed with such a large rollout of audio visual devices.

Part of the success of the project was down to the great team that Videopro worked with at Sunshine Coast Council. Due to the growing relationship, they have engaged Videopro to complete the audio visual solutions on levels eight and nine.