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Shure: Crafting Audio Perfection, Redefining Sonic Excellence | Australia

Brand Overview:

Whether you’re an audio enthusiast recording at home or a professional performer, you’ve likely come across Shure microphones, headphones or earphones. As an industry leader, Shure offers some of the highest quality audio equipment with essential features, from noise-cancelling abilities to Bluetooth and wireless pairing and audio-rich components. If you’re looking for products by Shure in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Videopro stocks a wide range of Shure headphones, microphones, earphones and accessories for your next recording, conference and performance. We also provide portable PA systems for when you’re on the go. Simplify your shopping experience with Videopro by filtering your preferences based on the microphone, speaker or headphone type and create an account for easy checkout. 


1. What is Shure known for?

Shure began in 1925 as a radio parts wholesaler and has since become a global leader and supplier of microphones and audio electronics. While Shure provides an extensive range of audio equipment and accessories, the brand is best known for its Shure earphones, headphones and microphones, which are appreciated by audio enthusiasts and technicians globally.

2. What are the best Shure microphones for vocalists?

This will depend on where you intend to use the microphone. For instance, if you are recording audio in a studio or at home, the PGASTUDIOKIT4 4-Piece Microphone Kit provides excellent sound for recording and amplifying acoustic instruments.However, if you’re after a Shure microphone on stage, the Shure Microphone Dynamic Classic Birdcage Appearance (SHURE-SUPER 55) is an affordable solution that provides tailored frequency responses for vocals.

3. How do I choose the right Shure products for me?

There are two things to consider when selecting products from Shure in Australia — budget and intended use. You should also consider your existing system. For instance, if you currently own a basic audio setup, adding a top-of-the-range Shure microphone might not make sense, as your system may not be equipped to manage the mic’s features.