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Johanna Copeland

JoJo is a passionate female photographer based in Brisbane, where she now calls home after immigrating from London England in 2001. Specialising in Portrait and Fashion photography, as well as lending her creative eye across a range of other subjects, she carries a Canon 5D Mark iii and a multitude of prime, zoom and telephoto lenses in her kit.

JoJo has a modest approach when it comes to photography, which resonates from her self-motivation philosophy, The Past The Present The Future – with a strong belief that we all live for the memories we create.undefined

Nostalgia cultivating, she brings a rich authenticity to her portfolio, creating high quality bespoke imagery that succeeds any brief through a unique and individualistic lens. The beauty of life through a lens, no prescription necessary. JoJo's portfolio includes portrait, fashion, wedding and engagement, personal and professional branding, corporate and event photography.

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