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Microsoft Meeting Room Partner Program

Videopro is part of the Microsoft Meeting Room Partner Program (MRPP), an exclusive group of Fastrack Ready Microsoft Partners. We are honoured to be included in this program which highlights our ability to deliver and maintain effective and efficient Microsoft Teams Rooms.

As more and more of our clients adopt Microsoft Teams as their preferred VC platform, Videopro is there to assist them every step of the way, from design to implementation to support.

Videopro offers a range of pre-designed Microsoft Teams Room solutions across Android and Windows platforms. Choose from a wide variety of room types, shapes and sizes ranging from 2-20 people. With a number of optional add-ons available, you have the flexibility to customise our solutions to perfectly fit your exacting requirements. Videopro provides you with the system equipment, installation, warranty and support over a fixed 3 or 5 year term allowing your organisation to simply pay via a monthly subscription.

• Preserve cash flow and working capital
• Flexibility with a current and scalable tech stack
• Rapid fault replacement, we maintain uptime
• Easy to manage and maintain, we do it for you

• Supply and installation of complete systems
• Engineering, documentation and verification
• Warranty and support inclusions
• Extend, refresh or upgrade at end of term

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