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Bookshelf Speakers

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Bookshelf Speakers

A good quality pair of bookshelf speakers can be used as part of a home theatre setup, coupled with a stereo system for listening to music or connected to a PC to provide a much fuller sound than you can get from internal speakers. Whatever you want to use them for, you can buy bookshelf speakers from leading brands at Videopro, all at very competitive prices.

Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Our selection of bookshelf speakers includes both wired and wireless Bluetooth speakers from trusted brands like Cambridge Audio, Klipsch, Samsung, LG, Pro-Ject, Polk, Bowers & Wilkins. You will also find a range of subwoofers in our store, along with a collection of quality stereo systems. If you’re putting together a new home sound system, you can find all the components you need at Videopro.

Buy Bookshelf Speakers Online Today

If you live in Brisbane, you are welcome to visit one of our local stores to find quality video and audio products that you will love. Also available online, you can order the market-leading speakers you want directly from our website, and we’ll send them to you using a fully insured delivery service. We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal, Klarna, Zip and Afterpay.


What are bookshelf speakers best used for?

Wired and wireless bookshelf speakers can be used for a variety of purposes. They are most useful in rooms where space is at a premium, and full-size speakers are impractical. A high-quality pair will make a great addition to a stereo music system or home entertainment setup.

What to consider when buying bookshelf speakers?

The main factors to consider when buying standard or powered bookshelf speakers are size, style and sound quality. Bigger speakers don’t always produce more volume, so as far as size is concerned, you should base your choice on the space you have available.

What are the best bookshelf speaker brands in Australia?

We can unreservedly recommend any of the brands that we carry. Cambridge Audio, Bowers & Wilkins, Klipsch and the other manufacturers represented in our collection are all well-respected names with a long history in the field of high-quality audio equipment.