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BenQ: Brightening Digital Horizons, Crafting Visionary Displays | Australia

BenQ’s range of projectors and monitors in Australia is the perfect solution for desks, movie rooms and meeting rooms alike. Browse through our curated selection of BenQ products and enjoy video games and movies through 4K monitors or showcase your slides anywhere using a portable projector.

Since its establishment in 1984, BenQ has developed monitors, interactive displays and projectors of the highest quality. From 4K Adobe RGB monitors to 86” interactive panels, their range of visual output devices can ensure you see things in ultra HD.

Videopro — your trusted source for BenQ in Australia

Videopro carries a variety of BenQ projectors, monitors and more to make your visual displays bigger, better and brighter. Check out our selection of BenQ products today!


Why choose BenQ projectors and monitors?

BenQ only promises the highest quality of visual display products on the market, developing products perfect for their intended users. For instance, their range of interactive displays come in various sizes, perfect for classrooms, big or small. 

When you purchase any product from BenQ, you can trust that each product was developed with your specific needs in mind. 

Do BenQ monitors have speakers?

Yes, some monitors in BenQ’s line have speakers, particularly their line of gaming monitors. If you’re on the go and want something with both audio and visual capabilities, BenQ also has a portable projector with a Bluetooth speaker.

Do BenQ monitors have cameras?

No, BenQ’s monitors do not have cameras. However, you can definitely connect a separate webcam to the monitor if you need it.

How do I choose the right BenQ projector or monitor for me?

As with any purchase, it’s important to think of your needs first. Do you need a monitor that’s large, or do you value the definition? Perhaps you need something portable for meetings or something more permanent? Think of your daily use before figuring out which one is best for your situation.