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Manfrotto Tripods, Monopods & Camera Bags

Brand Overview:

Upgrade your camera setup and take dazzling shots with Manfrotto’s range of camera accessories. From tripods and monopods to gimbals and camera bags, invest in Italian-made, high-quality gear from Manfrotto. If you’re frequently on the go, choose from our wide selection of Manfrotto’s camera bags and carry your camera and accessories in style. Manfrotto’s tripods and monopods are also lightweight and durable, making them easy to carry no matter where you need to go. Complete your photographer’s kit with Manfrotto in Australia. Manfrotto is well-known throughout the photography industry as a world-class provider of photographer’s accessories. Whether you need a lightweight tripod to bring to events or a camera bag to carry your lenses, Manfrotto products are the high-quality option to go for. 

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1. Why choose Manfrotto tripods and camera equipment?

Founded in 1972, Manfrotto has over 50 years of experience in the photography and video sectors, creating millions of enthusiasts. While their long-standing history is impressive in itself, their products’ positive reviews also speak to their quality. From lightweight, premium-looking tripods to their wide range of camera equipment, they have long since established themselves as a leader in the photography industry.

2. Where are Manfrotto tripods made?

Manfrotto tripods are almost entirely hand-made in Italy, from initial designs, tube-cutting, component manufacturing and assembly to packing up and shipping.

3. Which Manfrotto tripod is right for me?

The right Manfrotto tripod for you will depend on a variety of factors, such as your camera equipment, the stability you need, where you intend to take it, the size and more. Consider your needs prior to choosing any Manfrotto product.

4. What types of Manfrotto tripods are available?

Manfrotto has a wide variety of tripod products. Whether you need a mini tripod, a monopod, tripod legs or tripod heads — they have it all and more. They also offer a variety of tripod products for videotaping, smartphones, action cameras and even virtual reality purposes.