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Miller Tripods

The Miller story began in 1946 when Bob Miller invented and patented the fluid head. This invention revolutionised the way creators shot panning scenes and diagonal movements.

Miller tripods in the modern age

Miller Camera Support Equipment quickly became known as the name professionals trust when it comes to ancillary camera support needs. Videopro is proud to carry Miller tripods and other accessories the industry trusts.

But more than just Miller tripods, we also carry tools and equipment every content creator needs to tell their story — from trusted digital camera brands to tripods and monopods that will suit your needs.


Why choose Miller tripods and camera accessories?

For over 60 years, Miller has been the brand creators trust when it comes to camera support systems. From the first Miller wooden tripods to tripod dollies, they have been supplying equipment that has been stringently inspected by highly qualified and passionate craftsmen.

With each piece of equipment from Miller, you get:

  • Quality — Miller tripods and accessories are made from environmentally friendly materials and built with the use of CNC machinery and modern manufacturing processes.
  • Reliability — Before any piece of Miller equipment is shipped out to you, it goes through strict quality control protocols. These protocols have resulted in years of hassle-free service and product use.
  • Peace of mind — Miller stands by the quality and reliability of its products so strongly that they offer a three-year global warranty. When applicable, they will repair your equipment to its original state at no cost to you.

Passion and dedication to their craft are the hallmarks of a Miller craftsman. This is evident in the quality of their products and in the service they provide. When you choose Miller tripods in Australia, you’re sure to get a product that you’ll be using for years to come.

How do I choose the right Miller tripod for my needs?

Choosing the right tripod involves at least three things:

  1. Weight capacity — Stability is most important when choosing a tripod so you need to check the weight rating. Professionals recommend getting tripods that can hold at least double the weight of your camera with its heaviest lens.
  2. Construction — This is a little trickier. You’d want a tripod that’s not too heavy to carry around but also not too light that it can’t handle your equipment. Consider tripods made of carbon fibre materials to hit that sweet spot.
  3. Tripod heads — Miller tripods are famous for their fluid heads, and these are the perfect choice for videographers. Beginners or those needing something a little more compact won’t go wrong with a ball or basic head.

You might also want to consider getting different tripods and accessories as your videography and photography needs change.