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Home Theatre Projectors

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Home Theatre Projectors

For a truly impressive cinematic experience, consider installing a home theatre projector in your living area or cinema room. Designed to provide you with the ultimate viewing experience, our range of home theatre projectors in Australia come from leading brands at the most competitive prices. At Videopro, we have home theatre projectors in our range that will truly complete your cinema experience.

The Best Home Projector Models to Choose From

When you choose to buy a home projector, you want your investment to be worthwhile. This is why our home cinema projector collection — along with the screens and accessories we offer — is nothing but the best in Australia. Choose between a full HD projector, our 4K home theatre projectors or a sophisticated short throw projector for a quality viewing experience, combined with the latest in home theatre technology.

Buy a Quality Home Projector in Australia

At Videopro, we have a large range of home cinema projectors in stock so that you can choose the projector you wish to buy and have it delivered to your door in a fast and efficient timeframe. Shop online with us or visit one of our 3 stores in southeast Queensland to find the home theatre projector that is perfect for you.


What are the different types of home theatre projectors? 

At Videopro, we carry three main types of projectors: full HD, 4K and short throw. Each of these has its own features which help to deliver the ideal cinematic experience in your home. Our expert team is happy to provide advice on the right home theatre projector for you. 

How do I choose the right projector for my home theatre?

Home theatre projectors in Australia have different specifications that will make them more suitable for certain cinema setups. For professional advice on the right home theatre projector for you, contact our team at Videopro. We can help you to find the projector that will deliver the viewing experience you are looking for.

How much space do I need to set up a home theatre projector?

Depending on the size of your screen, you will need at least 1m of distance from the projector to the wall to create a quality picture with a home theatre projector.