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Presentation & Conference Room Collaboration Technology

This solution is an easy to use Presentation Room. It is designed for simple plug-and-play via a HDMI cable. With the Epson 5000 lumen WUXGA laser projector shooting onto a 120” screen from Screen Technics users will be able to enjoy sharp image quality without any distortion.

The simple connectivity and reliable projection are paired perfectly with a set of wall mounted speakers from Kramer. These speakers will provide a full and dynamic sound experience ideal for a room of this size.


  • Epson EBL510U Laser Projector
  • Kramer Speakers (TAVOR5OW)
  • Screen Technics 4312069B 120”
  • Chain Drive Screen

$6,610 ex. GST per room

$178.85 ex. GST p/m

Cost per month over 4 years including Service Level Agreement