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NIOA | Audio Visual Case Study

NIOA is Australia's largest privately owned supplier of firearms, weapons and munitions to defence clients and the licensed dealer community. Since its inception, NIOA has been on a journey of success and growth and within the last couple of years NIOA's size has almost doubled. Throughout that time, they've been expanding and modernising their offices around the country including Brisbane.

Videopro have been working with NIOA since 2019. The initial engagement was for their auditorium space which had originally been installed by another integrator. The space combines a standard auditorium solution with production equipment to allow NIOA to present their content to end users with a polished feel. Videopro were asked to simplify the solution to make it easy to use while still maintaining the high-quality, professional production feel.

Videopro simplified the existing solution by using products from the Extron DTP range, enabling users to have the functionality that you'd expect from a vision mixer, while also integrating with a third-party control system so everything can be operated via an easy-to-use touch panel.

At that point in time, NIOA were acquiring video conferencing and meeting room technology from various suppliers on an ad hoc basis. They found it was proving challenging when there were issues with their systems as they didn’t have a partner to go back to for a resolution. They decided to look for a more strategic supplier to work with to overcome some of those challenges. Due to Videopro’s positive reputation, NIOA engaged with them to talk through resolving some of their challenges. Following on from the success of the auditorium project, Videopro then moved into the more traditional areas of the business including boardrooms, conference rooms, back of house meeting rooms and the more traditional audio visual systems that went into those spaces.

NIOA was growing rapidly and expanding interstate to offices in Canberra, Melbourne and Benalla; all of which needed to be interconnected. Videopro and NIOA began discussing video conferencing systems that could support that connectivity and this was accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was decided that MS Teams would be used as the in-house VC platform and the hardware and technology stack was then chosen to support that in the various locations and room types.

Consistency was important across all the different locations, so as people travelled between the various offices they could walk into any meeting room and immediately be familiar with the technology and understand how to use it. Whether it's a simple, small VC solution or the auditorium, their munitions processing facility in Benalla or their 100 meter gun range, consistency and simplicity was key.

NIOA have different requirements to your typical business and Videopro has taken the time to understand that. The relationship that has been formed means that that the next set of requirements will not come as a surprise.

A perfect example is NIOA’s 100 meter indoor shooting range used to conduct ADF testing. Videopro have provided a video conferencing solution, including a panel within NIOA’s armoury, which enables the testing to be viewed remotely. Participants are able to see every section of the shooting range from the firing line, right to the catch bunker, outside the range for remote firing scenarios, the conditioning cabinets in the surrounding area and even the front entrance to the building. Rather than crowding the building and the armoury itself, this gives participants the ability to watch it remotely from their other office locations or even overseas.

NIOA recently built a new five-storey office at their Brisbane location with multiple meeting rooms, an open atrium area and a penthouse CEO boardroom. For the video conferencing spaces Videopro chose products from the Crestron Flex range. These devices enable users to enter the space without the need to bring their own device. When they arrive can use the touch panel’s one-touch-join and can begin video conferencing immediately.

The boardroom has more advanced VC technology that integrates with the building management systems. When a video conference take place the glass frosts, lights dim and blinds come down and the screens are revealed from their concealed compartment in the ceiling. The room has a strong architectural focus with aesthetic timber construction and 360 degree views of Brisbane from the airport to the CBD. Videopro utilised Ultra Lift motorised ceiling lifters to hide the technology when it was not in use to ensure the interior is uninterrupted.

NIOA is an exciting client to work with, especially during their rapid growth period and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.