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Shure MOTIV Range

Gone are the days when you had to forgo sound quality for spontaneous recording on portable devices. Shure has been making people sound extraordinary for nearly a century, with the MOTIV range taking audio recording to the next level. Featuring intuitive controls, digital innovations and iconic designs.

Whichever MOTIV microphone you grab, you will experience the same high quality audio performance that the industry has trusted for decades. Get ready to capture your music, podcasts, videos and stories with the full MOTIV range. Whether you are recording for a band, a podcast, a live-stream, a video project or a work project - Shure has the perfect microphone to suit your needs.

  • MV7 - For perfect recording in imperfect rooms. Boasting both XLR and USB connectivity options to offer complete flexibility.
  • MV7 Podcast Kit - The all-in-one professional podcasting solution to capture your voice by USB or XLR. Quality recordings. Anywhere. Anytime. Now with a stand.
  • MV7X - An XLR only version of the popular MV7, perfect if you are using more than one microphone at a time.
  • MV88+ - A premium stereo microphone providing superior sound and versatility as well as quick set-up to record directly to a Mac or Windows computer. For musicians wishing to record or stream their performance with ease.
  • MV88+ Video Kit - For videographers and content creators on the move. This microphone provides superior sound and versatility, for use anywhere, anytime. Just add your phone.
  • MV5 - Make your podcast, vlog or voiceovers stand out. Use vocal, instrument or flat settings to customise your recording. Plus, for pro editing on the go use the ShurePlus™ MOTIV™ audio app.
  • MV5C - Join virtual meetings with the confidence that you sound just as good at home as you do in the boardroom. Compatible with MS Teams and Zoom.
  • MV51 - Unparalleled audio in all-metal construction. Deny distortion and enjoy sound excellence in every environment from demo sessions to field recordings.
  • MVi - Compact Audio Interface that creates a portable recording studio, wherever and whenever you need it.
  • MVL - A lavalier microphone for the on-the-go recorder. Simply plug into a mobile device to capture quality audio for interviews, lectures, public speaking and videography.