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Audio Visual Installation Services

Our installation teams are focused on the integration of Audio Visual products to provide our customers with their intended technology solution. We have one of the largest dedicated Audio Visual installation and commissioning teams in Australia. Our teams are experienced in all manner of Audio Visual technology solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Display and projection systems;
  • Audio, DSP, microphone and hearing loops;
  • Control and interface systems;
  • Switching and signal management systems;
  • Network and networked AV solutions;
  • Room and web video conferencing;
  • On premise, hybrid and fully hosted in cloud video conferencing bridging and management;
  • Entry level to broadcast grade studios, postproduction and editing;
  • Professional camera’s, PEDs, lighting and green screens;
  • Video streaming and recording hardware and software devices;
  • Brackets, racks, lecterns and stations;
  • Interactive displays and technologies.


Videopro’s installation capabilities are undertaken by our team of in-house Installation Technicians, augmented when necessary, by our long term and trusted subcontractors. All commissioning effort is carried out by our dedicated Commissioning Technicians. All stages of quality control, solution design and commissioning is always performed by a Videopro staff member who is focused on quality outcomes.

We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor and have our own in-house electricians that perform required minor electrical works. In addition, our Installation Technician team are ACMA accredited in order to install and certify our data cabling. Videopro Installation and Commissioning Technicians take an enormous amount of pride in the work that they produce for our customers ensuring that the investment in technology is installed and commissioned to the highest level of our industry. 

To ensure we can consistently achieve our commitments to our customers we have our own in-house testing and pre-staging clean room facilities which are both climate and dust-controlled areas. We place significant importance on having all products firmware updated, registered, staged, tested, configured, pre-programmed and commissioned prior to being released to site. This is also where all equipment racks are assembled, wired, and tested ensuring that the final solution meets our quality and functionality requirements before we install into our customers' locations.

Our teams ensure the areas they are working in are clean and safe. Videopro are experienced on all job sites including:

  • Working and fully staffed offices
  • Schools, universities and public buildings;
  • Construction sites, pre and post dust free;
  • Night time and outside of office hours;
  • Proof of concept and trial sites;
  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms;
  • Classrooms;
  • Lecture theatres;
  • Halls and auditoriums;
  • Courtrooms and correctional facilities;
  • Public and exhibition spaces;
  • Operations centres.