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BYOD for Schools - Interactive Classroom Equipment

As the education landscape changes, today’s students are used to interactive and engaging learning styles. This is where BYOD interactive classroom technology comes in. Videopro is Australia’s leading supplier of BYOD interactive classroom technology and equipment.

We offer a wide range of products to suit any budget, from cameras to more sophisticated solutions like LED touchscreens in interactive huddle spaces. Our technical support team can help you choose the right BYOD interactive classroom technology and is always ready to help you.

This space has been designed for today’s BYOD classroom. Take collaboration to the next level with the Epson EB-695Wi series ultra-short throw projector and whiteboard. This projector displays a 100” image from just 29cm away to achieve optimal visibility. Offering 3x Higher Colour Brightness than competitive models, this system keeps students engaged with bright environments. It also features wireless functionality (module sold separately) and advanced connectivity allowing teachers to share content through Moderator software from up to four devices at once (including Chromebooks). Paired with a set of Kramer speakers ideal for indoor and commercial use. These speakers provide a rich, and organic sound, yet are dynamic enough to fill an entire room full of people.


  • Epson EB695Wi Projector
  • Kramer TAVOR5OW Speakers
  • Whiteboard

$4,012 ex. GST per room

$108.54 ex. GST p/m

Cost per month over 4 years including Service Level Agreement


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