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Premium Collaboration Space Technology

This single screen Premium Collaboration Space is perfect for organisations who use Microsoft Teams for their video conferencing needs. The Crestron Flex system natively supports Teams video calls without the need to bring a laptop or other device to the room. Simply book the room in your Outlook calendar and upon arrival at the meeting press “join” on the touch panel.

The room also features a high quality Shure Ceiling Microphone Array to ensure the best possible audio coverage. The intuitive technology and clever installation captures all voices in the room without any disruptive cables or stands. This is combined with a high quality PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) camera from Logitech to provide an exceptional experience overall.


  • Philips 75BDL3050Q 75” Commercial Panel
  • Crestron UCCX100T Flex Conference System
  • Logitech Rally Camera
  • Shure SHRMXA910W60 Microphone Ceiling Array

$29,268 ex. GST per room

$791.90 ex. GST p/m

Cost per month over 4 years including Service Level Agreement