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AC3 | Audio Visual Case Study

In early 2020, Videopro provided an Audio Visual solution for AC3’s Sydney office. The first space that required an upgrade was their 24-person boardroom. As the location already had a number of existing Zoom rooms, Videopro were able to keep the experience consistent by using the same technology. A higher quality camera was installed to adequately cover the entire space along with Biamp audio to ensure everyone can be heard properly.

AC3 also required a solution for their town hall space where their CEO conducts monthly meetings with people joining on Zoom from around the world. The physical space needed to accommodate 150 people. Videopro made use of Catchbox, a powerful wireless microphone that you can throw around the room. 16 speakers cover the area to ensure every word is heard and a Panasonic laser projector provides the visuals.

Overall, the client was very happy with the result and the AV solution works smoothly and cohesively.undefined
This project was delivered by Connected Vision, now Videopro Sydney (acquired 2021).