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BirdDog PTZ Cameras & Flex Family

BirdDog is an innovative Australian company dedicated to making live broadcast production easier, more cost effective and achievable in more places by more people. BirdDog are changing the way we look at broadcast and live production with both their PTZ cameras and Flex Family. Built on BirdDog’s custom NDI® silicon chip with a Sony CMOS Backlit Sensors, their sleek and powerful cameras are revolutionising NDI® content.

P-Series PTZ Cameras

The P100 PTZ camera is your entry into the world of full NDI®. Featuring frame rates up to 1080p60, 10x optical zoom, USB 2.0, HDMI, SDI, and Full NDI® outputs, P100 gives you professional level quality, performance, and total flexibility. The full colour matrix offers individual saturation and hue control over red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta, all with 64 levels of control. Lightning auto focus, insanely fast zoom and precision optics round out the incredible features.

Use P100 as a super high quality camera with the USB 2.0 for Zoom, Teams, Meet, Chime, Messenger, and even Skype. With NDI®, SDI, HDMI, and USB 2.0 simultaneous outputs the P100 is ready to go live with full NDI® today.

If you’re looking for the next step up the P200 offers advanced colour tools including 72 Gamma stops to let you really dial in those black level details. New video, exposure, and detail enhancement tools are also included to round out this exceptionally powerful update.

P200 is already the world’s flagship NDI® camera and the entire codec engine has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide even lower latency and computationally higher picture quality at a lower data rate. Along with the 30x optical zoom you can capture everything you need.

P-Series PTZ Cameras

Flex delivers everything you have come to expect from BirdDog including Tally, Audio Intercom, Video, Audio, PTZ Control, and Power; all over a single Ethernet cable. With three models to choose from in the Flex Family, there is a Flex perfect for your workflow needs. With a footprint only slightly larger than a credit card, the Flex 4K NDI® Encoders and Decoders are the smallest on the planet.

4K NDI® has an unmatched thermal design and whisper quiet fans to keep Flex cool and fresh at all times. Even on the hottest of days and in direct sunlight. Flex’s revolutionary Halo Tally system is built right into the Flex Family and requires zero configuration when connected with any NDI® enabled, software based, production system.

If you own a PTZ camera without native Full NDI® then Flex can become the ultimate sidekick. To upgrade your PTZ camera plug in HDMI to encode beautiful and Full NDI®, and attach a PTZ control cable to have PTZ passthrough control.

Flex Backpack is the ultimate upgrade for your camera top monitor recorder. Featuring an NP style battery connection with 15w power output, it allows you to encode NDI®, power your monitor, and record all at the same time.