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Blue Square Labs Lightboard

A lightboard is a transparent whiteboard made of glass with internal lighting used to make the writing glow. The writing is filmed through the glass and mirrored so that the orientation appears correct to the viewer. This innovative technology is a great way for a presenter to write and draw while maintaining eye contact; to deliver their message in a natural and engaging way. Unfortunately, lightboards can be an expensive investment so we have put together a simple way to convert a Blue Square Labs Interactive Panel into a lightboard.

There are several advantages to using this solution over a traditional lightboard. The digital whiteboard allows users to easily add or delete pages instead of erasing ink; eliminating the chance of smudges across the screen. It also allows users to add images and use the pen tool to write over the top of the image to create a more engaging learning experience. It is also a portable solution that can be wheeled from room to room, therefore not requiring a dedicated space to operate and store and it's also a really cost-effective option when compared to a standard lightboard.

You will need the following equipment: a HDMI capture card to take the image from the panel’s HDMI out to your laptop, a web camera mounted to the top of the panel and OBS Studio on a laptop to act as a vision mixer for both sources.

Watch the video below to see how Pat, our Head of Relations – Education, converts a Blue Square Labs Interactive Panel into a lightboard.

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