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Best of CES 2022

CES 2022 was held in Las Vegas and remotely at the start of January by the Consumer Technology Association. The annual conference saw over 2300 companies from across the globe coming together to announce upcoming product releases, new technology and exciting industry innovations. CES is a great way to keep the finger on the pulse of AV and electronics news so, here are a few items we’ve taken note of.

Noveto | N1

Taking a video call while in a shared space such as working from home or in an open plan office usually requires wearing headphones. This can create a barrier between you and the world around you and can even cause discomfort after a long period of time. Noveto has developed a product that will allow users to play their audio “aloud”, without disrupting those around them.

The Noveto N1 showcases a new way of experiencing audio all through a small desktop device. Using Noveto’s Smart Beaming technology, sound waves are beamed to just outside your ears creating an immersive and personal binaural audio experience or the illusion of “invisible headphones”.

Offering up to 90% audio reduction one metre away from the listener, the N1 is a modern day solution to a modern day problem.

The N1 also has built-in, high-definition beamforming microphones for best-in-class audio interaction and is integrated with Amazon Alexa. There is also built-in face ID to create a truly smart experience.

The N1 is set to be released by Noveto mid-2022.

Samsung | Odyssey Ark Monitor

CES had no shortage of announcements of desktop monitors, with Samsung teasing their Odyssey Ark monitor. This 55” curved monitor offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and is also able to rotate vertically to facilitate mobile content, multitasking and video calls.

The Odyssey Ark is set to use Samsung Quantum Dot colour and Mini LED backlighting and will be released in the second half of 2022.

LG | 42” C2 OLED TV

LG announced their new 42” C2 OLED TV which has created a buzz in the gaming community. The prior model, C1, has been regarded as the best gaming TV since its release last year but has been limited by the smallest model being 48”. The news of the world-first 42” OLED TV is great not only for console and PC gamers but could also prove to be an exciting advancement for productivity desktop setups. While there are still concerns regarding burn-in on OLED displays for productivity, having a desktop sized device with crisp OLED picture is certainly a step in the right direction.

The C2 series will also be available in 48”, 55”, 65”, 77” and 83” screens.

New features include higher picture quality (in 55-83” models), improved processor, increased audio performance, improved smart TV functionality, more HDMI ports and a dedicated game optimiser menu.

The LG C2 OLED series is rumoured to launch early-to-mid-2022.

Eufy | Video Doorbell Dual

Smart home and security technology are becoming more common place in the every-day household. Eufy are a leading name in the industry offering affordable and high-quality security devices for both indoor and outdoor applications. At CES Eufy announced the upgraded version of their popular Video Doorbell which now features a second camera.

With more people shopping online, ordering groceries to their door and receiving packages on the regular, unfortunately there are more reports of parcel theft. The issue with many doorbell cameras on the market is that, while the angle is certainly wide enough to capture what is happening around your front porch, the height can only focus on either a person’s face or the ground at their feet. This new dual camera solution from Eufy allows you to monitor both the people and the packages at your door individually with zero blind spots. Video Doorbell Dual's exclusive Delivery Guard™ also instantly notifies you when your package arrives and sends you pick-up reminders, so it's never abandoned.

The Video Doorbell Dual is available to order through Videopro now along with Eufy’s existing range of home security products.

LG | DualUp

LG also announced an interesting monitor with a nearly square, 16:18 design. The DualUp is supposed to offer a similar amount of screen as two 21.5” displays and uses a vertical split view function to let users view their content all in one glance. The design is intended to have ergonomic benefits from reducing the need to turn your head as you would with two side-by-side monitors. The DualUp offers a 2560 x 2880 resolution.

The DualUp does not currently have a release date scheduled.