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Council Chambers | Audio Visual Case Study

In March 2020, Videopro delivered a Council Chambers space for a local university. The space was the very first in the country to have Samsung’s 146” 4K UHD 0.84mm pixel pitch (The Wall) product installed.

The Council room is designed for the highest level video and audio experience with 10 motorised Arthur Holm 15” preview monitors mirroring the main display. A QSC Core510 DSP along with dual Shure MXA910 beam forming ceiling microphones maximise room coverage while audio reticulation is via Bose in ceiling speakers. AMX is used for control and signal distribution throughout the space.

Williams hearing augmentation ensures DDA compliance and is supplied with multiple options for hearing impaired room users.

As the room is heavily used for video conferencing, Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras were chosen to capture all participants clearly and with correct colour accuracy.

Since the completion of the project, Videopro have been engaged in an Essential Care Plus Service Level agreement for this space, providing ongoing maintenance and support as needed.