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JCU Townsville | Audio Visual Case Study

Our brief from JCU required unity across all room build types, which meant a number of older spaces demanded upgrades. Videopro were responsible for design, programming, and delivery of 52 spaces, ranging from small 30 seat teaching spaces, an outdoor LED wall, collaborative spaces, to large auditorium style 500 seat seminar theatres.

The design process included workshops and regular discussions on UI design and hardware alternatives to ensure JCU received the exact system rollout required.

The Extron solution is the largest scaled project Videopro have deployed, with the solution utilising the new Extron monitoring system with GVE covering both the Townsville and Cairns campuses.

All rooms combined a set of technology products, providing a long-term benefit for JCU consistency across the AV design types for ease of spares and fault finding. These technologies include the new Extron GVE monitoring system, Extron switchers, Panasonic laser projectors, large LED video wall and the Extron control system.

Our management of embedding a new control system into a project of this size did not come without its challenges, and we are very proud of overcoming the obstacles presented and delivering a successful project to our client through a pandemic.