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Lifesize Plans | Audio Visual Case Study

Lifesize Plans offers a patented solution to architects, developers and builders to project their floor plans and elevations in a 1:1 scale, bringing plans to life. This creates the ability for walkthroughs with clients and colleagues alike to determine furniture arrangements, revise wall and door placements, select from multiple finish options and gauge a lifelike feel for a building before any construction commences. Videopro were engaged to upgrade a showroom in Sydney’s West to ensure the technology concept was possible to be scaled and replicated around the world.

The client built a two-sided 40m x 18m space in their warehouse, at around 8m high. Videopro negotiated a four projector PoC system for the end (18m) wall. The result was a hybrid solution – a mix of live event and museum technologies and processes, paired with a traditional integrated AV solution – as an expansion to their existing floor projection system.

The wall projection utilises four Christie D13WU2-HS 12000 ANSI lumen WUXGA projectors mounted in portrait orientation to a 16m long aluminium box truss, edge-blended to create an 18m x 8m image. Although the truss is suspended from a large steel roof I-beam, the beam warps in the heat throwing the projection out of alignment. To counteract this movement, the Christie Mystique program offers camera-based automated alignment which adjusts the alignment of the projectors themselves rather than ‘warping’ the media content.

The showroom upgrade also incorporates two Shure MXW wireless microphone systems featuring handheld and body pack transmitters, a headset microphone and a tri-element Dante ambient microphone to improve the overall quality. From an audio viewpoint, the space was fitted with 14 Soundtube pendant speakers, a QSC DSP and a LEA amplifier.

The media content is composed, controlled and delivered by Dataton systems - WATCHOUT Software and WATCHPAX 40 Media Server. The system itself is all controlled via iPad (and mouse) using a Medialon Show Controller. A small wall-mounted rack houses the power distribution and conditioning equipment.

Due to the resounding success of the Sydney project, Videopro is working as the Systems Integrator for the global deployment of Lifesize Plans' Patented solutions alongside our partners at AVI-SPL and Connected Vision. We are currently servicing a system in Perth via our partners at Vizcom and assisting with the deployment of a Lifesize Plans franchise in Avignon, France. We are working with Lifesize Plans to investigate other ways of delivering their solution in various forms and for a variety of space types and sizes.