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NEC Windows Collaboration Display

With more businesses moving towards a hybrid working model and flexible collaboration environments, the need for suitable and practical technology has emerged. NEC’s Windows Collaboration Display MultiSync WD551 is an all-in-one smart solution for the modern workplace or education space. Easily support BYOM scenarios and connect those working on location and remotely with the Microsoft tools integrated in the panel. Users can simply connect their own device via USB-C and can begin to share content, use Office 365 programs or join a MS Teams or other video meeting with ease. NEC has developed a product designed to promote spontaneous meetings, allowing users to optimise their productive creativity.

The 55” 4K display along with built-in six microphone array, speakers and 4K conference camera is perfect for a small meeting room of four to six people. The bezel-free PCAP optically bonded touch screen offers a superb writing experience via finger touch or the two active pens included. The screen is easy to clean offering peace of mind in a post COVID-19 environment.

Seamlessly integrate the panel into your smart building by utilising the integrated IoT sensors. The WD551 collects information from its environment including room occupancy, temperature, ambient light and air quality data.

The WD551 is an effective video conferencing and whiteboarding tool in its own right but can easily be connected to an integrated Teams or Zoom room as the workplace grows and evolves. This versatility allows businesses to change and upgrade their solutions at a time that suits their budget and needs and is particularly useful in the current climate with stock and manufacturing delays.


Bring your own meeting (BYOM) – a simple, unified solution for instant start-up meetings using any device.

Seamless, clutter-free connection – a single secure USB-C cable connects your device with the display to auto sync the built-in camera, speakers, mic, touch and pens.

Certified for Microsoft Teams and more – a frictionless BYOM solution launches video meetings using your preferred conferencing platform.

Natural touch, easy clean – the easy to clean flush screen design reduces parallax for a superb writing experience supporting Windows Ink and palm rejection with two active pens included.

Smart space management – maximise usage of your meeting spaces and maintain optimal environmental parameters. Microsoft Azure and NEC’s cloud-based Room Management Service (RMS) draw data from in-built IoT sensors to manage analytics across your meeting spaces.

The NEC Windows Collaboration Display MultiSync WD551 is available through Videopro now. Please contact our team of experts to learn more or discuss integrating this product in your business or education solution.