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Southport TAFE | Audio Visual Case Study

TAFE QLD is a leading trainer provider with 120k students and staff across 50 QLD campuses and prides itself on being a leader in education. This project was a refurbishment of an entire floor at TAFE Southport. This includes 20 rooms ranging in sizes from a simple nursing station with digital signage to Simulated Nursing Wards.

TAFE QLD wanted state of the art technology and Videopro was the perfect partner to design and deliver a cutting-edge solution. Our solution provided the latest Crestron control system, with the ability to view any room via strategically placed LCD panels and PTZ cameras throughout the entire space.

The Simulated Nursing Wards allow for live and recorded demonstrations to be deployed across the Southport site. This means that any demonstration, from any ward can be viewed in any other room on the LCD screens.

The UX has an intuitive design, with easy-to-use touch panels for the control of Sony PTZ cameras, NEC LCD Panels and the BenQ IFPs. A completely custom lecture trolley was designed to connect via the Crestron DM frame matrix for recording purposes and placed in the room doing the demonstration. Despite an initial issue with the Crestron DM frame, we were able to keep on schedule by pre-staging and testing the frame in-house. This allowed Crestron to provide a solution to the issue.

Our overall engagement with the client and their representatives was excellent. This was enabled by the thorough understanding of the solution and project methodology Videopro was providing. The collaborative client relationship also ensured the client was always involved in the implementation process, resulting in an above expectations result.