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Sunshine Coast College Multipurpose Hall | Audio Visual Case Study

Multipurpose halls are an important aspect of any school environment and require a certain level of flexibility. Due to their many uses, the visual solution needs to be multifunctional to cater to school assemblies, sports matches, events, performances and more.

This College were able to bring the wow factor to their space by upgrading their visual display from projectors to an impressive pair of Philips video walls.

A video wall is a multi-monitor setup consisting of a number of panels arranged contiguously or overlapped to form one large screen. The clarity and brightness of video walls make them the perfect solution for large spaces.

Each of the new video walls consist of nine Philips 55BDL3005X panels mounted in a 3 x 3 arrangement. These combined give the school two 165” displays and create an outstanding visual impact.

As the hall is also used as a gymnasium, the video walls needed to be adequately protected from projectiles that could cause damage. Videopro designed custom frames with 13mm toughened glass to ensure potential risks are minimised. This also allows the video walls to function as digital scoreboards, helping to create more versatility within the space.