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LED Backlight

LED Backlighting

A question you may have always asked electronic store employees, but may not have received the answer is “Why are LED backlights better than the traditional LCD?” This is a valid question, as you will see more and more computers and televisions that promote LED backlights, rather than the traditional LCD.

If you are going to pick a new HD television then you may want to find an answer to this question sooner rather than later. Learn more below about the difference between LED and LCD backlights and why the LED backlights are better than their traditional counterpart.

First off, LED backlight stands for light emitting diodes and an LCD stands for liquid crystal display. Both of these options, in comparison to previous options, are very good. The reason why many people prefer to buy electronics, like televisions, with LED backlighting is because it can emit its own light.

LCD electronics offer a great picture, but they cannot light up images by themselves. For this reason, LCDs use CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamps which can be found placed horizontally up the height of the television’s screen.

It is true that an LED backlight will be more expensive than an LCD version, but this factor should not be the only point in which you consider when purchasing a TV. The exterior of the television will look identical between an LED backlight and a traditional LCD.

When you choose an LED, once again, televisions will look identical but there are two ways of which the backlights are set up. In the first way, you can have the LEDs direct edge mounted. In the later, the lights are placed around the frame of the screen.

Direct LEDs are placed on the strips on the unseen side of the screen and can help to contrast the picture better. Basically, the light must be dispersed properly. If not, your television will emit improper lighting which may distort colours. The same goes for computers. Most laptop computers are lit with LED backlights.

Many experts would agree that computer screens that use LED backlights often have brighter screens, consume less power, are able to be thinner in form, cause less over-heating, have a longer life and are more reliable than the average computer that is not power sourced with LED backlights.

If you are into green living, an LED backlight saves energy, prolongs battery life and is mercury free, which are all great factors that help to improve the environment. Since people do much more than just write emails and read information online, it is important that the colours are not distorted.

Computers that use cold cathode fluorescent lamp back lighting or CCFL, normally produce duller and inaccurate colours. With LED backlights, the colour will be exactly how it should be emitted. With these reasons and more, it is clear why so many people choose LED backlighting over the traditional LCD option.

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