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OLED technology


OLED technology is poised to be the next big thing in flat-screen TV technology.

Technically speaking, OLED is an acronym for an ‘organic light-emitting diode’. Essentially, OLEDs can be defined as a thin layer of molecules which emit light. But what does this really mean?

OLED technology has many benefits over the more popular LCD screens used today. Firstly, the screen can be used to produce an even thinner flat-screen design than what’s on the market now. Also, unlike LCD screens, OLED screens do not require backlighting, which cuts down on power needs. And despite this, OLED TVs are touted as brighter, more efficient, and having better contrast and faster refresh rates than LCD screen technologies. However, one issue still to overcome facing OLED displays is a shortened life time for the organic materials used, especially for blue colour ranges.

You might be surprised to know you could be already familiar with this technology – as OLED screens are already used in some of today’s smaller displays, such as mobiles, cameras, and audio-visual players. The design is very durable, and operates well in a range of temperatures.

And this technology is pushing further into the future, with talk that OLED flat-screen TVs could become foldable, flexible, transparent, even rollable – promising some amazing possibilities for this technology. Keep your eyes peeled.


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