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Make the Switch to Digital Television

Digital television represents the next era in entertainment. However, the facts surrounding digital television can be confusing. Videopro wants to clarify how you can become part of the digital television age.

What is Digital Television?

Australian television is currently broadcast in analogue and digital signals. However, Australian analogue signals have started to be phased out from 2010 to 2013.

Televisions receiving digital signals provide a higher quality picture and sound quality when compared to an equivalent analogue TV.

Television networks have launched additional stations listed below to provide more entertainment to Australian viewers.

  • Channel Seven - Seven 2
  • Channel Nine - GO
  • Channel Ten - One Sport
  • ABC - ABC 2 Kids & ABC 3
  • SBS - SBS 2

Do you need to make the switch to Digital Television?

Yes. The analogue television signal will be gradually phased out from 2010 through to 2013. From 2013, all free-to-air television services will be digital only. In order to receive the digital signal, you will have to purchase a digital set top box to use in conjunction with your analogue television or alternatively, purchase a new TV with a built-in Digital TV tuner.

The Benefits of Digital Television

Digital television provides a significantly improved picture and sound quality for viewers. This includes widescreen television broadcasts and digital radio.

The additional channels provided by television stations will also be received in higher quality thanks to the digital signal. For further information, please visit to view areas of Australia which are ready to make the switch to digital television.

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Digital TV