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The Southport School - Case Study

Project Background

The Southport School (TSS) is a world-class Anglican day and boarding school situated on the Gold Coast; founded in 1901 the school provides a balanced and holistic approach to boys’ education. Teaching Prep Year to Year 12, TSS integrates academic and co-curricular programs to challenge young men to achieve excellence to excel through school and beyond.

Boarding has been an integral part of the TSS history, with the first boarders arriving in 1909. The Dining Hall has always been a meeting place for students, and TSS wanted to provide a better audio and visual experience for boarders. TSS were unhappy with the original audio system which was creating a large amount of reverberation. Additionally, TSS wanted to provide a large screen, projector and microphone system to aid presentations.


To provide TSS with their desired solution, the assistance of VIDEOPRO Education Sales Manager, Dan Macready was enlisted. Dan decided to install JBL Pendant speakers to confine audio and reduce echo, and also as they blended perfectly with the surrounds. Known for their outstanding sound quality, the JBL Speakers provide maximum coverage in rooms and venues with high-ceilings. A large format motorised screen and projector was then installed along with a wireless microphone system and AMX control system. The AMX control system removed the need for multiple handheld remote controls and ensured the entire system could be used by the simple push of a button.

Due to the construction, style, and age of the building TSS wanted to minimise anything that would detract from the aesthetics of the Dining Hall, however the design required a motorised screen to be located where a large glass window stood, one of the main characteristics of the building.

To work with the room, a Grandview Sky-Show motorised screen was mounted above the window. With the push of a button (on the AMX controller) the screen canister lowered to the correct viewing height and then unfurled the screen. Due to the sheer size and weight of the screen and it being ceiling mounted, wall brackets had to be specifically customised, designed and engineered.

The JBL Pendant speakers, although fitting seamlessly with the decor, required custom fixings to be made to mount them. The speakers were hung from the rafters, and were suspended with wires to the desired height to create the best audio coverage while minimising echo.

Even though the historic values and aesthetics of the Dining Hall demonstrated challenges in implementation, obstacles were overcome and TSS have been left with a great audio visual system that will service boarders for years to come.

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