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Decimator - Precision in Every Pixel, Power in Every Frame | Australia

Brand Overview:
Decimator is a leading brand in the realm of video processing, renowned for its commitment to precision, reliability, and innovation. Our range of products, including cross converters, scalers, and multiviewers, caters to the diverse needs of broadcasters, production studios, and AV professionals. Experience the power of seamless video processing with Decimator.


Q: What types of video processing solutions does Decimator offer for professionals?

  • A: Decimator provides a comprehensive range of video processing solutions, including cross converters, scalers, multiviewers, and signal distribution tools. Our products are designed to meet the demands of broadcast and production environments.

Q: How does Decimator ensure precision and reliability in its video processing tools?

  • A: Decimator prioritizes precision engineering and robust design in the development of its video processing tools. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability, accuracy, and seamless integration into professional workflows.

Q: Can Decimator's cross converters handle various video formats and resolutions?

  • A: Absolutely. Decimator's cross converters are versatile and capable of handling various video formats and resolutions. Whether you need to convert between SDI and HDMI or adapt to different frame rates, Decimator delivers consistent and high-quality results.

Q: Are Decimator multiviewers suitable for monitoring multiple video sources simultaneously?

  • A: Yes, Decimator multiviewers are designed for monitoring multiple video sources simultaneously on a single display. With customizable layouts and advanced features, our multiviewers enhance efficiency and streamline monitoring in production environments.

Q: How does Decimator support signal distribution in professional setups?

  • A: Decimator offers signal distribution solutions, including distribution amplifiers and multiplexers, ensuring reliable and efficient distribution of video signals in professional setups.

Q: Can Decimator products be integrated into existing broadcast and production workflows?

  • A: Yes, Decimator products are designed for seamless integration into existing broadcast and production workflows. Our tools are compatible with industry-standard formats and interfaces, making them versatile additions to professional setups.

Experience the precision and power of video processing with Decimator – where every frame is a testament to seamless innovation and reliability in the world of broadcast and production.