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Rangefinders & Fieldscopes

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Range Finders & Field Scopes

Range Finders & Field Scopes

Shop our selection of range finders, field scopes, field microscopes and more online. Stocking the world's best brands at competitive prices.

Find the best field scopes and range finders in Australia

A high-quality field scope will greatly benefit people involved in forestry or outdoor leisure activities. Comparable to binoculars, field scopes are an excellent choice when you want a closer view of things at a distance. 

At Videopro, we carry most types of field scopes, field microscopes and range finders that will suit your needs. Trust us when it comes to everything you need to accurately measure the distance to your target or to view things from afar.

Complete your equipment with camera lensessports optics and sport optic accessories, so you are well-equipped for your next adventure.

Feel free to contact our experts via the live chat for any questions you may have.


What are field scopes?

Field scopes are an instrument one uses to have a magnified view of objects from a distance. These either come in straight or angled versions. Which type to get will depend on what you plan on using it for. Most field scopes are used to observe wild animals and planets or to confirm targets in certain sporting events.

What are range finders?

In a nutshell, range finders refer to a type of instrument used to measure the distance from where you’re standing to a selected point or target. Laser range finders are now the norm regarding the best type. A range finder in Australia is often a monocular but they could come as binoculars as well.

What should I look for in a good range finder?

There are three important things you want to have in a good range finder: accuracy, usability and value. Here’s why:

  • Accuracy — Factory accuracy refers to the manufacturer’s specifications while functional accuracy refers to how accurate the measurements are based on your usage.
  • Usability — Consider how you will use the range finder.
  • Value — You might have to pay extra for a good quality range finder, but even a mid-priced range finder in Australia can last years if you know how to take care of it.

Reach out to one of our specialists so they can help you refine your search for the perfect range finder.