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St Joseph's Nudgee College - Case Study

St Joseph's Nudgee College

Project Background

St Joseph’s Nudgee College, known also as Nudgee College, is a Brisbane-based Catholic School, located in Brisbane’s northern suburb of Boondall. It caters for boys from years five to twelve, including boarding facilities from year six onwards. Having been founded in 1881, the school has a long history of tradition and it was described by the late Archbishop Sir James Duhig as “the jewel in the crown of the Christian Brothers’ Schools in Queensland”.

The Christian Brothers’ Conference Centre is a large, indoor space that is located within the school’s grounds. As the name of the hall implies, on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons, the hall becomes an area for the general public to assemble, in order to enjoy the game ‘Bingo’.

The main Bingo board, which was present at the front of the hall, consisted of rows of individual numbers that would become individually backlit whenever a number was called, during a game of Bingo. Measuring approximately 2.9 metres in height and 3.7 metres in width, this large board was ideal in size and location for people using the space during bingo sessions.

However, due to the location and size of the existing bingo board, the hall wasn’t set up in a manner that was conducive to a projector solution and this retracted from the functionality of the space when it was being used for other events. Each time the area was used for events that required a projected solution, the Audio Visual Crew at Nudgee College needed to invest time into setting up a hired projector and screen solution.

The school had a vision to transform the space into an area which would equally allow for the Bingo users to continue to enjoy the benefits of a large Bingo board, whilst also providing a permanent projection solution for use during large college events and meetings through to external groups hiring the facility.


At the heart of the completed solution is a 12,000 lumens Sanyo projector, which was specifically selected to compensate for the amounts of light that can be present within the hall during different times of the day. The projector is located behind the stage and screen, and utilises a short-throw lens that is manufactured to suit rear projection situations. This provides two key advantages; firstly anyone can stand directly in front of the screen without producing a shadow on the projected image. Secondly, it provides a seamless and tidy solution, which is not visible by the audience.

The projector throws an image onto a Screen Technics CinemaSnap fixed-frame projection screen, producing an image size of 2745mm (H) x 3660mm (W). The system has a Kramer Presentation Scaler/Switcher to allow multiple signals to be inputted for general purpose situations and events, but is also connected to a purpose-built bingo control station, which allows the projector to display a digital image of numbers, in the same layout that Bingo users were accustomed to. An AMX Novara Button control panel exists, in order to control the projector’s functionality from the side of stage, including turning the projector on and off, and changing the source that is being displayed. This solution will also be expanded to control the existing display panels mounted through the room.

The end result for St Joseph’s Nudgee College is that their purpose designed Audio Visual solution allows them to conveniently use the hall for presentation purposes, without detracting from the benefits that existed for Bing users.

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