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St Joseph's Bardon - Case Study

St Joseph's Bardon

Project Background

St Joseph’s School in Bardon is a Catholic co-educational primary school founded by The Missionary Franciscan Sisters in 1938 and located 8 kilometres from Brisbane’s Central Business District. The school is a part of the Jubilee Parish and its mission is to develop lifelong learners by providing a future-focused education, based on strong Catholic values.

St Joseph’s multi-purpose hall was constructed in 2011 as part of the Federal Governments ‘Building the Education Revolution’ initiative. The requirements of the space were diverse and the scope of the audio visual component of the project needed to account for regular assemblies; award nights and other special school events; community events; and day-to-day use of the area for sporting activities. The AV solution that was designed and integrated by VIDEOPRO Account Manager, Alastair Grigg, utilises products to meet these demands.


The projection in the area is performed by two Sanyo data projectors, which each have a brightness of 6000 lumens. There are multiple points where the school can connect their equipment, so an Extron matrix switcher is installed to allow for the correct switching of audio and video signals. The audio comprises of four Australian Monitor speakers, with Australian Monitor amplifiers and various wired and wireless microphones to suit. Alastair’s key design philosophy was to integrate these products into an system that was easy-to-use and this is achieved through two key areas that are integrated into the system backbone and chosen specifically to maximise user-friendliness.

The first key product that contributes to ease-of-use is the Soundweb London, which is a Digital Audio Signal Processer (DSP) manufactured by BSS. The DSP takes the place of a mixing desk in day-to-day situations. All audio inputs (such as microphones and computer audio) are processed by this product and because the DSP is custom tuned to the area, the school is provided control over volume levels whilst the DSP manages the fine tuning of the system. The DSP provides a number of other benefits for users of the area; an example of one is that it automatically ‘compresses’ any incoming sound, setting sound levels to ensure a loud speaker does not overpower the system whilst a quite speaker is heard more clearly.

The second group of products that assist in making the solution user-friendly relates to how the equipment in the room is controlled. The products chosen comprise of an AMX Integrated Controller, an Apple iPad, and an AMX 16-Button control panel. The hall has two locations that provide control over the audio visual system; the first is at the back of the hall, where a 16-Button AMX panel it utilised and accounts for basic system functions, and the second is backstage where a custom interface in installed and programmed onto an Apple iPad. The iPad interface has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, but allows for more advanced control over the system than the 16-Button panel. By combining the AMX Integrated Controller with two control locations, the school have a combination of flexibility and ease-of-use at their fingertips

St Joseph’s have a comprehensive Audio Visual system which includes dual projectors, matrix switchers, and multiple input points. Without the proper design philosophy and correct hardware, this type of system could easily become a solution which is difficult to use. However, by integrating a custom programmed DSP and the appropriate control solution, their final result is an area that is easy to use, but still comprehensive enough to cover an array of events.

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